Here's 2,000 Calories Worth of Bacon

Also, cinnamon rolls, french fries, avocados, beer, and more

Ever wonder how much bacon you would need to fill up your 2,000-calorie-a-day limit? Apparently, not much.

BuzzFeed took on the 200 calorie trend and expanded it to 2,000 calories, calculating just how much Budweiser counts for a day's worth of food. Some are pretty standard: Seven bagels, 6.6 donuts, 26 eggs, 50 rashers of bacon, and 3.8 Big Macs. All amounts of food that we would probably not eat.

On the other hand, however, some of these calculations are just frightening. Two Chipotle burritos will get you to your daily limit, while 1.38 fettuccine Alfredo pastas from Olive Garden hits 2,000 (two full plates gets you at 2,880). We won't be eating two burritos, but knowing that just one is already half of the day's recommended intake, we might just stick with a salad. Or, you know, avocados. We won't mind eating six or so with just some lemon and salt.