Here Is That Interpretive Sushi Dance We All Needed

Because really, otherwise, we just wouldn't get sushi

Remember that piece of performance art a while ago showing a woman doing an interpretive dance on a square of butter? Well, this isn't quite as abstract, but it's still dancing with food in mind.

Trending recently due to BuzzFeed and The Laughing Squid, this series of sushi-inspired dances takes on various types of sushi, such as nigiri, maki, and sashimi, all interpreted via dance in three videos. Titled "The Human Sushi,"  this special bunch of videos was produced by from Godfisk, a website supported by the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Naturally, there are colorful costumes, Spandex, tutus, and of course, a pas de deux. It's all very hokey, with some killer headpieces, and probably not the best way to mime that you want sushi for dinner. Watch all three below, then imagine what a hand roll might look like. Personally, we're interested in seeing them try out a dragon roll, but that might be too plebeian for these guys.