Here Is Harrison Ford Telling An Excellent Broccoli Joke

Somehow we missed this in our roundup of food jokes, but this video of actor Harrison Ford telling a joke about broccoli just recently went viral and we had to post it. And not only is it Harrison Ford, but it's a pretty damn good joke.

The Indiana Jones actor was on the Late Show with David Letterman, and Letterman managed to nudge Ford to tell this hilarious, perfectly timed broccoli joke. "If I tell this joke my wife is going to be so mad at me," Ford warned. Luckily, Letterman promised to write Ford a note, before he launched into this joke about supermarket shopping for broccoli.

Watch below, but (really) innocent ears may not understand the joke since a naughty word is bleeped out. Then check out some other food jokes in our slideshow for your next dinner party, although you'll have a hard time replicating Ford's impeccable timing.