Healthy, Homemade Cereal

Sarena Shasteen tackles the art of making gluten and dairy-free brown sugar corn flakes.


When it comes to groceries, the biggest challenge we have met as a family is price. Most people think the price of regular flour, milk and cereal are high, but when family members bought the allergy-friendly counterparts for us when we’ve visited them, the price was a complete sticker shock.

So to help offset the high costs of groceries, we have started buying basic flakes at a cheaper price to make our own cereal. Besides, we have bought some real stinker cereals lately, so we decided to get creative by making our own flavors. I love making granola, so I started using my granola method to make cereals. I took gluten-free corn flakes and started adding a few ingredients baked in to create a tasty Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Brown Sugar Corn Flakes Cereal