Turn Your Smoothie Bowl Into A Face Mask

Extra points if you dip sliced cucumbers.

We know that lots of healthy foods to eat can also be healthy for our skin. Honey face masks, cucumber-covered eyelids, and coconut oil lotions are common practices and are already on our skincare radar. But did you know you could blend up a smoothie and slather some on your face?

No, seriously. People are doing this. And you can, too. It's so easy — and once you're done, you get the rest of the smoothie bowl to sip. No need for expensive lotions or pricey cleansers. This blend is all-natural, with no animal testing, no chemical additives, and no budget difficulties involved.

Why should you double up on your smoothies and skincare? One, it saves time. It's hard to find the motivation and the inspiration to really take care of our skin — which is why so many of us aren't great at actually doing it. And two, skincare and nutrition go hand in hand. Eating healthy and staying hydrated can actually help your skin to remain bright, clear, and wrinkle free.

Two birds, one stone. With five simple ingredients, you've got both a sweet snack and a healthy glow. Here's what's in it.

1. Watermelon. Watermelon is made up almost entirely of water, which helps you stay hydrated. It also works as a natural exfoliant for your skin.

2. Strawberries. Rich in vitamin C and fiber, strawberries make a nutritious and refreshing snack. They also work to brighten your skin. Say hello to your summer glow.

3. Cucumber. Like watermelon, these guys are bursting with hydration power. If you have a sunburn, keep some on hand — they reduce redness and soothe skin.

4. Honey. Not only does honey taste delicious (which makes it a fantastic natural sweetener for your new favorite drink) but it also works as an antibacterial agent for your skin. By killing the bacteria on and beneath the surface, honey can reduce acne and cleanse your pores.

5. Yogurt. Protein-packed and super creamy, yogurt contains probiotics which can help with your digestion. It also tightens up your pores and helps with getting that even skin tone you've been lusting after.

All you have to do is locate a blender and add whatever combination of these ingredients you're craving. We have a sample recipe for you below, but the amounts of each are really up to you. Just leave out the yogurt — you'll add that at the end.

Our blend contains:

1 cup watermelon
1/2 cup of strawberries
1/2 of one cucumber
2 tablespoons honey
A few spoonfuls of yogurt

Find a bowl (you could even use the hollowed-out watermelon if you really want to feel fancy) and pour the blended mixture in. Add a few dollops of yogurt, stir, and slather some on your face.

Then eat the rest, sit back, relax, and let the smoothie work its magic.

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