These Are The Healthiest Fruits To Infuse In Your Water

We know that you've heard about juicing, and we're pretty sure that you've tried it. Whether you approve or not, juice cleanses are part of the American dietary culture and they show no signs of leaving any time soon. Juice cleanses provide your body with a sole source of nutrient-packed energy, the juice, that often doesn't add up to a decent or even moderate calorie intake. That's why, when looking for a healthy drink, one should consider steering clear of juice cleanses in favor of eating regularly and trying infused water.

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No, infused water is certainly not the same as a juice cleanse. Infused water is supplemental to a healthy diet and could never healthily function as a sole source of calorie intake. That's one of the great things about drinking infused water: It's an almost calorie-free way to make yourself drink more water and, thusly, acquire more nutrients.

There's no big secret to making your infused water healthier — if you put a healthy fruit into your water, you'll be able to reap some of its nutritional benefits. We've laid out the healthiest fruits for you in the past, and we've also covered healthy fruit infusions. Below find a recap of what we've told you about in the past regarding the healthiest fruits to infuse in your water.

"Apples are loaded with iron and low in calories," says The Daily Meal special contributor Lindsey Gaterman. "Though they're primarily an autumn crop, they're available all year long, so they are good choices for replacing fruits that aren't in season. They also come in many varieties, and each kind of apple provides a unique flavor."

"Blackberries not only taste delicious," says fellow Daily Meal editor Joanna Fantozzi, "they're also one of the most nutrient-rich fruits you can eat, with a CDC score of 11.39. A 2009 study published in the medical journal Nutritional Neuroscience proved that blackberries can significantly improve cognitive function. Plus, they are packed with omega-3s and are heart-healthy, too."

"Blueberries are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the market," says Gaterman. "They're especially great to add to water because there is no preparation or cutting involved — all you need to do is open up the package, rinse them off, and drop them in!"

"This juicy fruit will give your flavored water just the kick it needs. Not only will grapefruit make your water taste both sweet and tart, it will also help flush out toxins and wastes from your cells," Gaterman says.

"This tiny treat packs a big punch and is offers plenty of health benefits," says The Daily Meal special contributor Lindsey Gaterman. "Kiwis are great sources of a cleansing enzyme called actinidin, which will give your skin a natural glow."

Lemons and Limes
"Swap your morning coffee for a glass of hot water and lemon," says Gaterman. "Or try chilled citrusy lemon or lime water instead. Lemons are believed to jumpstart your digestive system. They also contain d-limonene, which helps detox your liver."

"The citrusy goodness in an orange contains flavanones, which have been proven to reduce the risk of stroke — and of course they're a key source of valuable vitamin C," says Gaterman.

Gaterman talks about the benefits of adding pears to your water, saying, "This fruit is not only for baking — it will also put a little pep in your step! When you eat a pear, your body absorbs glucose, which gets converted into energy readily."

"Raspberries are one of the most versatile fruits around. They are tasty, easy to eat, and rich in fiber," says The Daily Meal special contributor Lindsey Gaterman. "These qualities make raspberries the perfect fruit to add to any flavor of fruit-infused water."

"Strawberries contain chemical compounds called phenols, which increase the body's production of uric acid, which has antioxidant properties. You can never go wrong with the sweet and tangy taste of a strawberry," says Gaterman.

"Watermelons are probably one of the more unusual suggestions we have for fruit water," says Gaterman, "but their health benefits and juicy taste make them a sure candidate. Watermelons are absolutely delicious, and they're loaded with vitamins."

The following slideshow is provided by The Daily Meal special contributor Lindsey Gaterman.

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