These 15 Foods Can Actually Kill You

You probably eat some of them every day

Who knew that killer poisons were lurking in your pantry? In these everyday, average foods, there are hidden compounds that could be seriously fatal once ingested.

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Of course, really any food could be poisonous if you’re not preparing it right. Leaving chicken partially uncooked, not properly washing your knives, and committing other cooking mistakes could put you and your family in very real danger of contamination.

But it’s possible to come into contact with risky chemicals and toxins without even realizing it — because they’re hiding in parts of some of our favorite foods.

It’s different with, say, a poisonous mushroom. I mean, who’s really eating mushrooms off the street? But these items are likely traveling dangerously close to your mouth on the daily. Viruses, bacteria, and even cyanide are threatening your consumption from safe spaces like your vegetable drawer and pantry. Even your spice cabinet isn’t safe. Find out which foods in your home could actually kill you, before it’s too late.

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