sunburn mistakes

15 Things You Should Never Do If You Have a Sunburn

You’re probably making a few of these mistakes without even realizing it

You’ve probably been taught from the time you were younger what you should do if you have a sunburn. Apply aloe. Wear loose clothing. Remember your sunscreen next time. (If you don’t wear sunscreen to avoid a sunburn, at least do it to avoid skin cancer.)

15 Things You Should Never Do If You Have a Sunburn Gallery

But what about warnings for things you shouldn’t do? Your sunburn is already ruining your fun summer day plans. Have a group of friends headed to the beach? Too bad you have to stay home. You were invited to a sunny day picnic? No can do, unless you bring a huge umbrella. Without even realizing it, you might be letting this torture go on for longer than it needs to.

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Even simple things, like the food you eat and the clothes you wear, could be messing with your sunburn. Did you know late-night snacking could affect your skin? And even activities that seem benign, like going for a run or scratching a bug bite, could cause a lot of unexpected pain if you’re burnt. If you spent a little too long in the sun, avoid making these mistakes.