Skip The Overpriced Juice Bar: 3 Juice Recipes You Can Make At Home

Despite the fact that grabbing a 14-dollar juice may be convenient and save you clean-up time, there is no need to pay the same amount for a juice as you would a meal. Your health is an investment and it doesn't come cheap, but making your own juice at home will help you save money while still allowing you to reap the benefits.

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Blackberry Beet Juice
Beets are high in vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and folate. These nutrients are necessary for lowering blood pressure and fighting inflammation throughout the body. The sweetness of apples and blackberries disguises the spicy ginger, which helps solve digestive issues.

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Green Juice
You may be intimidated by the color of this juice but by making it on your own, you can decide just how green or bitter you want it to be. Green juice helps keep the body clean and detoxified, but also fills the body with calcium, manganese, and B vitamins, which can help clear and prevent headaches.

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Spicy Lemonade
This drink is perfect for boosting your metabolism and regulating your appetite after you splurged during the holidays. Balance out the spiciness of cayenne pepper with agave nectar and this three-ingredient juice to keep you happy and healthy.

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The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor Emily Alford.