Shopping Center’s ‘Get Fit’ Signs Help Mall Walkers Get Their Steps In

When you park, you’ll know exactly how many steps it'll take to get to Olive Garden

A California shopping center is helping mall walkers get their steps in. La Mesa’s Grossmont Center features “Get Fit” parking signs that display the number of steps it takes to reach stores such as Target, Macy’s, and Walmart. Two free maps provide walkers with different routes to follow ranging from a half-mile beginner’s path to a more advanced mile and a half. The first map targets a general audience, while the second is intended as a workout for mothers with strollers.

Trevor Moore, the center’s director of public relations and events, told The Daily Meal that the six parking lot signs, which went up in February, are meant to encourage shoppers to park farther away from retail stores. That way, closer spots are available for those who need them, and people with fitness trackers like Fitbit can better reach their goals knowing the exact number of steps it takes from their car to the center.

get fit sign

Trevor Moore/Grossmont Center

A photo of one of the signs appeared on Reddit’s “mildlyinteresting” forum, where it has over 56,200 likes.

Grossmont Center’s marketing and public relations team got their inspiration for the walking maps from Minnesota’s Mall of America — but to their knowledge, they are the only mall that has implemented the “Get Fit” parking lot signs.

walking map

Trevor Moore/Grossmont Center

The center also offers “fitness friendly” destinations, including gyms, a salon and spa, juice shops, and a spot for fish tacos. Group walks are every Saturday at 8 and 9 a.m., so lace up your tennis shoes and get stepping. While you’re at it, you may want to download one of these 10 fitness apps to help you maintain your weight-loss.