A Shake Shack Knockoff Just Opened at the Mall of America

A location of Burger Burger just opened in the Mall of America, with almost the exact same design and logo as Shake Shack

Shake Shack probably won’t be too happy about this…

If you plan to travel to the famously cavernous Mall of America in the Twin Cities, our country’s largest indoor shopping center, you might spy what appears to be a brand-new Shake Shack inside the mall.But alas, you would be sorely mistaken. Burger Burger, a small burger joint in the Financial District in Manhattan, has opened an outpost in the Mall of America.

But something is off about Burger Burger’s branding: Namely, that the font, color scheme, and design of their logo is very similar to Shake Shack’s insignia. The green and black, curvy design, and simple burger outline are almost identical to that of the more popular burger joint. Burger Burger also emphasizes freshly ground beef, locally sourced ingredients, and in-house shakes. Even their slogan is “Shake it Off!” (Though we imagine that a certain Ms. Swift would be more perturbed by that one.)

"We have a completely different logo and concept than Shake Shack," Kam Talebi, co-owner of Kaskaid, the company that designed the logo told City Pages. “[The Shake Shack approach] is clearly not a direction we wanted to go." He also said that he could not even remember the colors Shake Shack used for their logo, and that they chose green to emphasize freshness.

Curiously enough, Burger Burger’s original location in New York City employs a red color scheme with an entirely different font and design. 


The Daily Meal has reached out to Shake Shack for comment.