21 All-Natural Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring is here, which means all kinds of exciting things are on the horizon — spring salads, spring break, spring festivals... But there are also some not so fun things coming. For instance, you might be planning to try your luck at spring cleaning.

21 All-Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Home Gallery

This head-to-toe scrub of your family's home is a daunting task. You've consulted every guide; you know every time-management technique to conquer that wild to-do list. But what the guides don't guide you through is how to clean your home without resorting to store-bought chemical warfare.

Bleach, all-purpose cleaner, and detergents are effective, but they have a cost. They're expensive, not great for the environment, and even worse for your body. If you have kids, especially, you might consider keeping these chemicals out of your home. Do you know what horrific things could happen if someone were to accidentally consume one of these toxins?

It's not pretty. But cleaning doesn't have to be so risky. There are all-natural alternatives to these conventional cleaning methods that could save you time, money, and worry.