Consider Deoxycholic Acid from How to Lose Weight for Summer: 32 Tips From Top Doctors

How to Lose Weight for Summer: 32 Tips From Top Doctors


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Consider Deoxycholic Acid

In addition to eating a balanced and healthy diet of whole, unprocessed foods, implementing a cardio regimen, and incorporating some sort of strength training program, Dr. Richard Swift, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, suggests trying Kybella to lose stubborn fat. While we believe that diet and exercise are more important for weight-loss, the following information is still quite interesting and could, potentially, be for you.

If You Really Took All the Processed Foods Out of Your Diet, What Could You Eat?

“One of the best nonsurgical ways to rid the body of excess fat is Kybella. Kybella is [an FDA approved] deoxycholic acid that, when injected, dissolves fat. Typically, it is only used on small pockets of fat, for example the submental or neck area, the bra fat area, or inner knees. Swelling normally last one to two weeks and it takes a full four to six weeks to see the true results.”