This Healthy Hack Will Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

People are always blabbing about how expensive healthy eating is. And if you're buying fresh vegetables and letting food whither and wilt in your fridge, it's no wonder you're upset. Your time and, more pressingly, your money are being wasted on food your family never even gets to consume. But what if there were a way to get all the nutrients from your favorite fresh vegetables while paying half the price?

There is: Just buy your vegetables frozen. Sure, it sounds obvious. But can it really make much of a difference in your budget?

It really can. Large bags of frozen vegetables are just a couple bucks each, while just a single stalk of fresh broccoli can cost $3 or more. A bag of frozen Brussels sprouts at Trader Joe's retails for 99 cents. A bag of frozen corn at Whole Foods is just $1.99. It really doesn't matter where you shop — frozen vegetables are cheaper.

Money is also saved because the vegetables don't spoil in your refrigerator. They're available to use at your leisure. Whenever you have time to cook, they're there to defrost. You can use half of them and keep the rest. You can buy them in bulk. And frozen vegetables are actually just as healthy as fresh ones. (The science backs us up on this.)

But can you really make frozen vegetables taste good? Also yes. Frozen vegetables can be prepared into a number of delicious dishes, so long as you know how to cook them. Here are 20 delicious healthy recipes you can make entirely from your freezer.