Childhood Traditions We Now Realize Were Super Gross

Get ready to have your childhood memories ruined
gross childhood traditions

Remember when you used to save half your lollipop for later? Yeah, pretty gross. 

Children are super messy. It’s just part of growing up! Pool parties, finger painting, field day… Kids definitely aren’t afraid to get a little dirt under their fingernails. It’s a good thing, too — because amidst these chaotic activities were some of your favorite childhood traditions. Red rover was a blast. Wrecking your best friend’s hair with wacky knots and braids was way too fun. And cooking messy treats with Mom was always something to look forward to.

Childhood Traditions We Now Realize Were Super Gross Gallery

The only thing you dreaded about these plans during childhood was that afterwards, there was a prompt and thorough cleanup to endure. These were planned messes; parents were always at the ready, armed with disinfectant wipes and a change of clothes for when things got out of hand.

But left to your own devices, you weren’t always the most cognizant of dirt and debris. You were probably pretty careless about germs. And many of the traditions you took part in at school and with friends swapped all kinds of spit, mud, germs, and invisible contaminants.


Sure, bobbing for apples is fun and all. But how much spit do you think lurked in that water? It’s no wonder kids are always getting sick! Bobbing for apples, licking cheese dust off your fingers, and other totally “normal” things we all did as kids were actually really gross.