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Foods Men Over 40 Should Never Eat

Some of these ‘healthy’ foods might surprise you
man eating burger

There’s no magical switch that gets flipped when you turn 40 — you can still eat the foods you enjoy and not worry too much about it. In all honesty, the stress of worrying about your health and your diet is probably doing more damage than the food itself.

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Some nutrients become more essential as you age. Vitamin D, for instance, can protect against age-related problems such as heart disease and cancer. Magnesium helps to regulate your blood pressure. Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent cognitive decline.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to remember all those specifics. You simply should keep in mind that a diet rich with a variety of foods will give you a variety of nutrients. While no one food is going to kill you, no one food — no matter how super — is going to prevent every health condition, either.


Listen to the signs your body sends you when it needs certain foods. If you’re especially worried about the smaller side effects of some foods and drinks, here are the ones we advise you eat with caution.