holiday dieting

Why Dieting Before the Holidays Is Actually a Really Bad Idea

These risks are NOT the results you wanted
holiday dieting

Cut yourself a slice!

Ah, the holidays… They’re the most wonderful time of year! Halloween candy galore. Thanksgiving feasts and scrumptious leftovers. Christmas cookies on every countertop. Not to mention all those holiday party appetizers and cocktails… Yum!

Why Dieting Before the Holidays Is Actually a Really Bad Idea Gallery

But all those indulgences might make you think that even though the holidays themselves are the best, they’re just about the worst thing for your body. You’ve probably seen the warnings: Beware the calories in your Thanksgiving feast! Cut back on fatty appetizers at holiday parties! Be wary of the grams of sugar in your favorite winter cocktail!

In preparation for the treats aplenty, you might think that going on a little pre-holidays diet is a good idea.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, you think. No crash dieting or wacky cleanses. Maybe you’ll cut back on sugar until Christmas. Limit your carbs before pie hits your plate. Perhaps you’ll download a fitness tracking app to keep calories in control before the season starts.


But all of these interventions are probably going to do more harm than good. Your physical health could suffer. Your mental health could suffer. And your weight loss diet could actually cause weight gain. Julie Dillon, registered dietitian, author, and co-host of the Love, Food podcast, talked on the phone with The Daily Meal to explain the multiple reasons why you should really reconsider dieting before this food-heavy holiday season.