The Hot Toddy and 7 Other Hot Cocktails to Warm Your Winter (Slideshow)


Piping Plum

The delicate plum liqueur in this warm winter cocktail brings a bite of spring into winter.

The Glimmerglass

A sweet and spicy cocktail that hits the spot on a chilly night.

Hot Buttered Whiskey

Rum is so summer-season. Break your New Year’s resolution in serious style with this indulgent treat: Hot Buttered Whiskey.

Classic Hot Toddy


A delicious, reliable hot toddy recipe you can adjust and accessorize as you see fit. Add a black tea bag if you like, or swap the cardamom for cinnamon.

Hot Gin Punch

Winter is a good time for indulging in a little anglophilia: Downton Abbey is on, and gin can actually be delicious warmed. Give this unusual hot gin punch a try.

Mulled Wine


The origins of warmed, spice wine date all the way back to ancient Rome. 

Classic Irish Coffee


The traditional Irish Coffee is the best antidote to being so overwhelmed by the cold you don't even feel like going out. It will undoubtedly kick off your evening right.

Mexican-Inspired Mocha Recipe

Spiced chocolate and coffee flavors blend together in this aromatic tequila-based hot cocktail.