A Complete Guide To Donald Trump's Favorite Foods

The president is generally unpredictable — but if there's anything we can be sure that Trump isn't, it's a health nut. The commander in chief's gastronomic reputation is littered with fast-food wrappers, greasy napkins, and empty cans of Diet Coke. Surprising, especially for a man with deep-rooted insecurities about his physique, but the evidence does not lie.

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While previous presidents' terms in office have resulted in major strides towards better school lunches and nutrition education programs, President Trump's policy team has been less ambitious in this realm. When you look at the dietary habits of the man behind it all, this doesn't come as much of a surprise. Why fight the fast-food industry when you can gorge on it?

The president does have some healthier options on his menu, though — so perhaps a brighter nutritional horizon is ahead for America's leader. To piece it all together, we took an in-depth look at some of Donald Trump's favorite foods.