beyond burger
Beyond Meat

‘Bleeding’ Veggie Burgers Are Here to Satisfy Our Burger Cravings

This product puts those dry, starchy meat imposters to shame
beyond burger
Beyond Meat

The patties, once cooked, will bleed beet juice to imitate the juicy feel of red meat.

Meat eaters beware: Vegetarians can now also chow down on a juicy, bleeding burger. Beyond Meat, an ambitious contender in the pursuit of the best veggie burger, has changed the game with its newly popular burger product — a burger so juicy that it literally drips red when you take a bite. The secret to the succulence is beet juice, an ultra-hydrating and plant-based solution to an otherwise greasy problem.

Sysco, one of the largest suppliers of foods to thousands of fast food chains, independent restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and cafeterias, recently signed a deal with Beyond Meat to start distributing and selling the new product. So these bleeding burgers are about to be everywhere.

The burgers have been a huge hit in the past, selling out in just one hour during their Whole Foods debut in Colorado. We suppose plant-based burger lovers have been dreaming of this day for quite some time. All of the juiciness with none of the actual blood? It’s every vegan’s dream.

The product has been lingering on the sidelines of grocery attention, slowly building up steam with Beyond Meat’s partnerships at Albertson’s and Safeway. Other bleeding burger products, such as the Impossible Burger, have adhered to higher-end restaurant chains instead of casual grocers.


The Beyond Meat version of this crave-worthy product is set to be sold at BurgerFi, movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, on-campus dining halls at Yale University, the Hong Kong vegan grocery chain Green Common, and many more affordable spots. The burger might just have to make it on our list of the 10 best restaurant veggie burgers next year.