Why You Should Eat An Apple A Day, According To Science

Everyone's heard the phrase: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And when you look at the science, this old adage might actually ring true. Apples aren't the only thing you need to eat to support your healthy lifestyle — eating an apple alongside a diet that otherwise consists of just junk foods isn't going to cure all. But it can definitely help!

Why You Should Eat an Apple a Day, According to Science Gallery

Apple season is one of the first markers that summer is over. One of America's favorite ways to celebrate the season, apple picking (and baking apple-filled desserts with your winnings), is arguably one of the best things about fall. Apples have given us more than just pies. They've also given us hot apple cider, apple juice, applesauce, and other great foods. No matter how you slice it, eating an apple is a good idea.

But the most classic way to eat an apple is just to bite it (just make sure you wash it off first!). And every time you do, you don't only get a sweet, delicious snack — you also get these 11 great health benefits.