8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Picnic Healthy

Enjoy a light, healthy picnic spread the next time the sun pops out


How much nutritionally sound snacks can you fit into your picnic basket?

Barring any extremely deviant decisions made by the weather gods, it’s safe to say that warmer weather is at our doorstep. As the days get warmer, one way to take advantage of sunshine and a cool spring breeze is to pack up a basket, a blanket, and maybe even something alcoholic to drink, and set up shop on some grassy real estate for a picnic.

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No one ever said that picnics are traditionally unhealthy. In terms of quantity, a picnic’s caloric spread is limited to what can fit in a basket, and the odds are that you aren’t going to want to spend your day in the sun filled with a basket’s worth of lard- and bacon-grease-marinated donuts.

What you’ll probably want, though, is some sort of entrée (we’re not talking steak and potatoes here, but you’ll see what we come up with) and some eat-with-your-hands snacks to graze on throughout the day. We’re hoping that our health-inspired ideas will be ones that you can be proud to show your fellow picnickers as you sit around the blanket. Oh, and we’d be remiss not to tell you what kind of booze to bring. Spoiler alert: Sipping on a water bottle filled with $15 (for a handle) vodka and chasing it down with a Red Bull not only doesn’t fit into our definition of healthy, it also will probably get you banned from any existing picnicking clubs.


Look to this list for ideas that will help ensure that your picnic basket’s contents are healthy, delicious, and light enough to allow maximum enjoyment during your springy, picnic-worthy day.