7 Pieces Of Common Cookware That Can Make Your Food Toxic

Eating certain foods can be hazardous to your weight and cholesterol, but surprisingly, household cookware can endanger your health, too. A meal can only be as good for you as the pot or pan it's cooked in is safe, and no amount of flax seed or avocado can defend against a bacteria-ridden cutting board.  

In order to prevent unsafe materials from reaching the market, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration established strict rules regulating the amount of chemicals and metals that can be used in specific food-grade devices. These limitations get pretty detailed. For example, Chapter 4 -101.13, Section A of the FDA's Food Code requires that the maximum amount of lead in ceramic coffee mugs may not exceed 0.5 milligrams per liter.

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The FDA can issue safe limits regarding chemical and toxic additives in cookware, but it can't account for user error. A completely safe stainless steel pot might become hazardous after constantly being scraped by a metal spoon, and this sort of wear and tear can have dangerous effects on your health.

Read on to uncover the common household cookware that could be making your food toxic.