5 Valentine’s Day Ingredients That Will Incite Romance

Whether eating out or staying in, be sure to include these ingredients in your Valentine’s Day meal
Red Wine and Chocolate


While many foods are believed to have special properties, there are some that have a reputation of being aphrodisiacs.

According to the National Restaurant Association, around a quarter of Americans will dine out for Valentine’s Day, making it the second most popular day to dine out (beat out only by Mother’s Day). As people are deciding where to dine, they may want to keep some of the most popular aphrodisiac foods in mind, just to help make it an extra special evening.

“What everyone wants is a special evening that offers a romantic atmosphere and special food to go along with it,” explains Ryan Fichter, general manager of the popular Washington, D.C. dining destination, Sea Catch Restaurant & Raw Bar.

While many foods are believed to have special properties, there are some that have a reputation of being aphrodisiacs, a food or drink that will help to stimulate libido. Here are five of the top aphrodisiac foods to keep in mind for this Valentine’s Day.


Perhaps having the most popular reputation for being an aphrodisiac, oysters contain zinc, which helps to produce testosterone. They also have amino acids, which are believed to prompt sex hormone production.

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Chile Peppers

Eating chiles creates a heated sensation in the body, which stirs up passion. The warmth and moisture it creates helps put you on the fast track for a special night.

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Dating back to the ancient Aztecs, chocolate has been considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Whether dining out or just staying home, it’s always a good idea to give your special someone a little bit of chocolate.

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Red Wine

Known to increase blood flow and help relax people, it’s sure to help couples get into a romantic mood. Plus, a light red wine pairs well with rich fish.

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For many years, people have believed that scallops provide a sexual hormone level boost in both men and women. The reputation for this came from Greece, where legend has it that Aphrodite, goddess of love, was carried to Earth on a scallop shell.


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