5 Foods to Give You Strength and Inspiration for Those Midterms

School can be hard, try eating these foods to power through midterms (and maybe getting a helmet)
ahi tuna poke

Photo Modified: Flickr / Family O'Abé / CC BY 4.0

Poké includes a slew of healthy ingredients which are perfect for fueling your mind and body when you need them most.

An exam is an exam, regardless of where it falls in your semester or quarter. If it happens to be midterms or finals week, however, those exams that are just exams tend to be stacked up next to, on top of, and in between each other with the added bonus of extended-length papers being due throughout. School can be hard, but if you properly fuel your body with things other than Natty Light, Adderall, and coffee, you may find that studying and paper-writing isn’t as hard as it once was. Put down that blue box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and reach for one of the following delicious, nutrient-packed, body- and brain-fueling dishes in order to help you power through exam week.

Açaí Bowls, I Say-E!
An açaí bowl, as explained by The Huffington Post, is “not the quickest and easiest of breakfasts (at first). Also, it is not a cheap breakfast (since it comes all the way from Brazil). But, it is completely worth the effort. Try it and you'll see.” If you’re studying for midterms, we assume you’re probably a college student who spends her or his fleeting checking account balance in impromptu, abrupt, and illustrious ways. Why not splurge a little and get a nutrient-packed açaí bowl the morning before your Fluid Dynamics exam? You’ll probably flunk it, anyway, so why not ensure that your body is properly fueled ahead of time to turn your 55 into a 59?

Overnight Proats
Oats are so, so good for you. Overnight oats are easy to make, and they’re sure to give you long-lasting energy that you can utilize while trying to memorize all of those French verb endings two hours before your exam. Want to make your overnight oats a little more meat(head)y? Stir up a concoction of oats, milk (or a dairy-free alternative, if that’s your bag), and protein powder. The result? Proats, broats, proatmeal… many plays on “oats” and “protein,” bro.

Poké Will Get You Good Grades…
...maybe. What this delightfully fishy Hawaiian dish will do, though, is make you look trendy and fuel your body smartly. This dish, said to be the savory counterpart to acidic ceviche, contains ingredients like fresh ahi tuna, green onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese chile sauce, and crushed red pepper flakes. Other versions include brown rice and avocado, rendering poké virtual sushi in a bowl. Nutritious and delicious, poké is perfect midterm foodspiration.

Protein-Packed Greek Yogurt
In terms of healthiness, Greek yogurt is nuts. Top of the top, best of the best, this food is not only healthy but also crazily versatile. It also comes in a variety of fat concentrations. If you buy it plain, it will contain a relatively low level of carbs and a crazy-high protein gram count. Add some complex carbohydrates to your Greek yogurt to help fuel your body in times of distress (any time you’re in class and not on someone’s porch chugging a… cold-pressed juice).


(Sushi) Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
Limp Bizkit is still cool, right? You may not want to do it all for the cookie if you’re looking for strength and inspiration for exam week, but you may want to try doing it all for the sushi. Heart-healthy fish and avocados are often the main feature of sushi rolls, and whether you’re selecting brown or white rice, your body and brain will undoubtedly need the valuable carbs sushi contains to pump out 12 pages on Socrates and Plato.