The 3 Reasons You Should Care Deeply About GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are probably one of the most controversial topics in the news, in science, and in nutrition. The truth is that unless you operate on a fresh, unprocessed diet with foods marked as non-GMO, GMOs are impossible to avoid.

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Other than the notion that GMOs are more common than you think and make up a large amount of the foods we eat, why should you care? There are arguments to support either side of the GMO debate, but you can decide for yourself based on the pros and cons to each. The good news is that there are a lot of brands that are non-GMO that you can try if you are skeptical.

GMO Regulation

If you have any interest in GMOs, this should be the first thing you are concerned about. According to an article published in Bloomberg View, scientists are hoping to avoid government regulation of GMOs by using a new method that gets rid of plant genes. The scientists are working to exempt their methods from GMO regulations, which could be worrisome. GMOs should always be labeled, not because they are better or worse than non-GMO, but because the consumer should know what he or she is buying.

More Food by 2050

Supporters of GMOs argue that they will be able to feed an additional two billion people that are expected to populate the planet in 2050. Because GMOs can handle a drought or the cold months, they will stay healthy and be less likely to die from disease.

Health Problems

GMOs have not been around long enough to determine any medical problems that they may cause, but there are studies about GMOs possibly leading to cancer, causing new allergies, and interfering with antibiotics. Although a study found that there were no effects on animals that switched to eating non-GMO to GMO foods.

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