3 Meals You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

It's hard not to feel a tinge of guilt after plopping a log of congealed gravy, animal bits, and grains into your dog's bowl, as you sit down to dine on a fine cut of steak, some creamed spinach, and a side of mashed potatoes. Wouldn't it be nice if you and your dog could eat together — not as owner and pet, but as equals?

Fortunately, we've planned out a balanced menu of three healthy dishes — one each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that both you and your pooch can devour together.

The only question is: One bowl or two?

Here are three meals you can enjoy with you dog.

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

After your morning walk, sit down with your dog to a nice helping of apple-cinnamon overnight oats. An apple a day apparently keeps the veterinarian away by providing your pooch with vitamins A and C and antioxidants. The oats are also an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein, and can help resolve your dog's digestive issues.

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Salmon Cakes

Salmon is the ultimate protein for humans and dogs alike. These salmon cakes can be thrown together in minutes, and their light seasoning of salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of Dijon mustard (an amount which can be reduced if your dog has a sensitive stomach), are what makes these cakes delicious and easily digestible. Salmon's omega-3 fatty acids helps dogs maintain silky skin and a healthy coat of fur, as well as fortifying their immune system.

Click here for the Salmon Cakes recipe.

Steak and Eggs

It might be a little heavy for breakfast, but this platter of steak and eggs is perfect for after a long day of fetch. When feeding dogs steak the rule of thumb is the rarer the better. Steak cooked medium or well-done will give your doggie some digestive troubles. Season this steak with salt and pepper, sear for three minutes on each side, and top with an over-medium egg. If it's a bone-in sirloin, well, so much the better.

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