20 Foods And Drinks You Didn't Know Had Caffeine

These foods might be tasty, but they should be on your "no" list for before bed.

Caffeine, especially from coffee, has been called into question time and time again for its health drawbacks and benefits. For this reason, many people try to cut coffee from their routines entirely in favor of other energizing drinks.

Despite the controversy, companies continue to add the substance to their food and drink products. They might be doing it because of caffeine's addictive quality — people who try to quit caffeinated beverages such as coffee frequently experience withdrawal symptoms and impulses to drink more. So for manufacturers, adding the chemical into our favorite foods makes a lot of sense. The more addicted we get, the more of their food we buy.

But which products are sneaking an extra energy kick into your diet?

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Considering caffeine's immediate effect as a brain stimulant and metabolism booster, it's no wonder we get hooked. There are, of course, times when consuming something caffeinated could be beneficial. Although there are other times — like when you're about to go to bed or are trying to maintain your low blood pressure, for example — when you would be smart to limit your intake. Overdoing it could be fatal.

The most important thing is to stay informed so that you don't get hit with jitters when you didn't want them.

Find out the 20 Foods and Drinks You Didn't Know Had Caffeine here.