The 15 Worst Foods You Can Eat (Or Drink) At 7-Eleven

With such a diverse offering of cakes, candies, sandwiches, and Slurpees it's difficult to pick which foods are truly the worst, but a lack of nutritional information also makes the process more complicated. Unlike other national chains that sell hot food, 7-Eleven doesn't make the nutritional information available for all their products.

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Want to know how much sodium, fat and calories are in the taquitos, nacho cheese sauce, pizzas, sausages, or hot dogs? (Nod your head). Well you're out of luck. The nutrition information for these popular 7-Eleven foods is mysteriously unavailable, and therefore they couldn't be included on this list. I reached out to 7-Eleven in search of this information, but my inquiry received no response.

That being said, 7-Eleven can't hide the calorie counts of many of their packaged snacks and prepared foods. Their "fresh-packed" sandwiches, wraps, and salads have long and complicated ingredient lists that utilize every food industry trick from preservatives and flavorings to colorings and stabilizers. A steak and cheese melt sandwich has an ingredient list 17 lines long, while an everything bagel with cream cheese contains almost 500 calories.

7-Eleven doesn't advertise themselves as a beacon of natural food stuffs, but with over 56,000 stores located in 18 countries around the world, they need to be a little more transparent.

Here are the 15 worst foods at 7-Eleven.