15 Healthy Meals You Didn’t Know You Could Have Delivered

Don’t feel like you’re stuck ordering a greasy pizza; there are healthier options out there

With healthy options like Spaghetti Squash + Buckeye Balls, you won't need to regret getting delivery ever again. 

Every neighborhood has its praised, time-tested restaurants that provide delivery services. From hoagies to Thai, a variety of cuisine styles can be delivered and enjoyed from the comforts of one’s own home. With smartphone-capable delivery apps, you don’t even need to speak with anyone to have a fresh meal delivered to you. These days, you can even have booze delivered to you within an hour.

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Oftentimes, however, delivery options replace quality nutrition with convenience. A late-night pizza, while easy at the (probably booze-inspired) time of ordering, usually throws the diner into a state of remorse the morning after. No one wants to wake up and see his or her apartment littered with breadstick shrapnel and shards of hardened pepperoni, with a stomach in knots (garlic, perhaps) and a headache that is steadily increasing (speaking of headaches, try these unique hangover cures).

This all goes to show that delivery options aren’t always healthy options. Whether you’re ordering lunch, dinner, or late-night, you deserve to have a nutritious spread of meals to choose from. Luckily for you, there are an ever-increasing amount of healthy delivery options available from restaurants all across the United States.

We asked our friends over at Caviar, the high-quality delivery service that partners with thousands of beloved restaurants across the country, about the healthiest deliverables. They provided us this list of 15 Healthy Meals You Didn’t Know You Could Have Delivered, including meal descriptions and restaurant locations. Don’t regret getting delivery ever again. Click ahead to see how food delivery is being redefined.