14 Easy, Indulgent, And Surprisingly Healthy Egg Recipes

Eggs have been the subject of decades of nutritional scrutiny: Are they a complete protein that's advantageous to weight loss, or are they a cholesterol bomb that raises blood pressure? It's true that eggs are high in fat and cholesterol, but avoiding these quick-cooking breakfast staples would be a disservice to your diet. One egg is a modest 70 calories and contains 6 grams of protein — a substantial protein-to-calorie ratio.  

An egg has two parts: the white, which is pure protein, and the yolk, which is a combination of fat, protein, and cholesterol. When consumed as a complete package, the egg becomes a nutritional powerhouse, and the combination of protein and fat increases the feelings of fullness.

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In the past, egg yolks have been labeled as unhealthy because of their high cholesterol content, but this myth has largely been debunked. A growing body of research shows that cholesterol level in eggs (200 milligrams per egg) is not detrimental to cardiovascular health and doesn't raise LDL (bad) cholesterol as much as would a diet high in saturated fat. The varied nutritional contents of eggs can actually help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

So what can you do with the humble egg? Scrambling or frying them is fine, but sometimes you want something different. Thankfully, there are tons of recipes that elevate eggs beyond just basic breakfast fare. Eggs can be cooked in a flash, and they are versatile ingredients that have been adopted by many different national cuisines.

Take a break from eggs with bacon and home fries; instead, try these 14 easy, indulgent, and surprisingly healthy egg recipes.