Apple Pie Parfait from 13 Healthy Back-to-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Love Slideshow

13 Healthy Back-to-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Love Slideshow

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Apple Pie Parfait

For kids, parfaits are fun and visually enticing. The textural contrast of each layer makes parfaits just as exciting to eat as they are to look at. This recipe uses maple syrup and diced apple to balance out the acidity of the yogurt.

For the Apple Pie Parfait recipe, click here.


Banana “Sushi”

Not all kids are willing to try raw fish wrapped in seaweed, but even the most skeptical eater will go crazy for this fun banana sushi. The outside of this mock sushi roll is covered with peanut butter, and can be rolled in all types of seeds, like hemp, chia, or flax.

For the Banana “Sushi" recipe, click here.


“Cheesy” Popcorn

Microwave popcorn has given this snack a bad reputation, but when air-popped without tons of butter, popcorn is perfectly healthy. This recipe makes its popcorn “cheesy” through the use of nutritional yeast rather than the milk cultures, enzymes, and whey used in popular supermarket brands. 


Chia Cornbread Muffins

These healthy chia cornbread muffins can replace those sugar-loaded, pre-packaged mini muffins in your child’s lunchbox. The recipe calls for fiber-rich whole-wheat flour, cornmeal, and chia seeds, making these muffins a hearty snack and way more than just dessert.

For the Chia Cornbread Muffins recipe, click here.


Homemade Capri Sun

Conventional juice boxes are loaded with sugar and offer very little nutritional benefits. This homemade “Capri Sun” is a healthy alternative that uses freshly squeezed lemon juice, which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and is sweetened with raw agave nectar instead of regular sugar.

For the Homemade Capri Sun recipe, click here.


Homemade Hummus

Chickpea hummus is an ideal way to fortify a child’s lunch with protein and fiber. Hummus can be used as a dip for veggies or as the foundation of a wrap.

For the Homemade Hummus recipe, click here.


No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

“No-bake” anything just makes life simpler, and simpler is always better during the first months of the school year. Making the bars only requires a saucepan, a baking dish, and a fridge. The rolled oats, honey, and chopped almonds gives these bars a nice crunch that kids will undoubtedly love to bite into.  

For the No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars recipe, click here


Organic Chocolate Pudding

Many brands of chocolate pudding contain partially hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors, so it’s always healthier and tastier to make your own at home. Add a dollop of chocolate pudding on top of a cup of Greek yogurt for a healthy lunch treat.

For the Organic Chocolate Pudding recipe, click here.


Slow-Cooker Chex Mix

Slow-cookers ironically save a lot of time, meaning both parents and kids will love this slow-cooker Chex mix recipe. Buying individual bags of store-brand mixes is expensive, so making it at home saves money, and also allows you to customize the mix to your child’s liking.  

For the Slow-Cooker Chex Mix recipe, click here.


Slow-Cooker Oatmeal Bars

Let your creativity flow with these slow-cooker oatmeal bars. The base of the bar is made up of fiber-rich ingredients like flaxseed and rolled oats, but the flavor comes from vanilla extract, banana, and cinnamon. After having one of these homemade bars, your kid will never eat the store-bought kind again.

For the Slow-Cooker Oatmeal Bars recipe, click here.



When food looks and feels fun, it’s easier for parents to make it healthier. These “sneak-wiches” can be filled with any sort of freezable filling, whether it be something classic like peanut butter and jelly or something more savory, like turkey and avocado. The sandwich pockets can easily be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer as a back-up lunch plan.   

For the Sneak-Wiches recipe, click here.


Sneaky Healthy Brownies

Can brownies really be a healthy snack? The answer is yes, as long as you sneak in some special ingredients. This recipe uses a purée of blueberries and spinach to make these better than the average brownie.

For the Sneaky Healthy Brownies recipe, click here.


Yogurt Poppers

This recipe is super easy, and it produces some great results. Greek yogurt is the perfect coating for these strawberries because it’s thick and it doesn’t slip off. This healthy treat can be made Sunday night used in lunches throughout the week.

For the Yogurt Poppers recipe, click here.

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