The 13 Healthiest Foods You've Never Heard Of

Quinoa, amaranth, matcha, breadfruit — these are the "unknown" health foods of the past decade. Now everybody and their spin instructor knows about these popular superfoods.

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But with thousands of different species of seeds, leaves, tubers, and berries on the planet, the next breakthrough health food is always right around the corner. These foods contain a unique balance of nutrients that supply the body with the basic spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but also include lesser known antioxidants, phytonutrients, and polyphenols.

Their names might sound bizarre and exotic (maybe even off-putting), but their flavor profiles are familiar: Cherimoya tastes somewhere between a pineapple and a banana, arracacha tastes like a stalk of celery mated with a carrot, and oca can taste like anything between a potato and an apple. Although not always available in their fresh form, any iteration of these fruits and vegetables should offer some health benefits, whether that means powdered, dried, or frozen. A quick internet search will show you the almost endless sources of dried arama, mugicha tea, and jackfruit chips.

Here are the 13 healthiest foods you've never heard of.