Healthy Fast Food Kids Meals

12 Fast-Food Kid’s Meals That Are Actually Healthy

But they should still only be consumed in moderation

For better or worse, eating at fast-food restaurants is ingrained within our childhood memories. Crawling around a plastic play-place, donning a cardboard crown, or struggling to collect each and every Teenie Beanie Baby (Spunky the Cocker Spaniel, I will find you… one day) created an experience that many of us simply can’t forget.

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But as nutritional science caught up with the fast-food industry, it became apparent that the food served at these brightly-colored, jocular restaurants was linked to serious health problems. The unlimited soda refills, ridiculous portion sizes, and the liberal use of trans-fats have forever cast a shadow of skepticism over the industry that it still struggles to shake.

Parents,as well as the United States Federal Trade Commission, have voiced their concerns over the advertisements and nutritional quality of fast-food kid’s meals, and thankfully, the chains have responded by releasing more reasonable versions of their traditional fast-food fare. The meals on this list are all less than 500 calories, and usually include a portion-controlled main dish, a bottle of low-fat milk, water, or unsweetened tea, as well as some form of fruit or yogurt. They take into account calorie and fat content, and are made of relatively wholesome ingredients (with some forms of chicken nuggets being the exception).

Quick-Service Chains Drop Kids Meal Toys

Here are 12 fast-food kid’s meals that are actually healthy.