12 Energy-Boosting Hacks To Help You Avoid Midday Fatigue Slideshow

Chew Gum

Besides keeping your breath fresh, chewing gum helps fight off fatigue. A study conducted using a small sampling of undergraduate students showed that the simple motion of chewing kept them more alert than not chewing at all. 

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Do a Dose of Chia

Chia seeds are a trendy superfood, but their natural B vitamin content makes them an easy answer to your midday fatigue. Unlike an energy drink or a cup of coffee, chia seeds are packed with fiber and protein, offering a stable supply of energy throughout the day. Try mixing some into yogurt, or make your own overnight chia pudding.

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Eat an Apple

An apple a day may keep midday drowsiness away. Apples contain high amounts of fiber and natural sugars that breakdown slowly in the body, releasing a steady stream of glucose into the bloodstream and providing the body with a consistent source of energy. Research showed that apples improve neurological health because they contain quercetin, one of two compounds found to reduce inflammation of neurons

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Guzzle Water

Besides forcing you to get up from your desk and take a bathroom break every half hour or so, drinking water does your body a lot of good: It suppresses appetite, speeds up metabolism, and may even reduce stress. But, most importantly, water keeps your cells, tissues, and organs fully hydrated. Studies found that dehydration negatively affects concentration and awareness in adults.

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Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is a little-discussed mineral of massive importance, especially in regards to energy. Magnesium is responsible for 300 biochemical reactions, most notably the breaking down of glucose into energy. To guarantee you're getting enough, try snacking on nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, or cashews, or add some whole-grain bran cereal to your diet.

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Laugh It Up

Getting a giggle during the workday may make you a more productive employee, notes Dr. Robert Provine, author of Laughter. A hearty belly laugh leads to a natural boost in blood pressure and heart rate, which can overpower the midday fatigue.

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Never Skip Breakfast

Despite the haters throwing doubt on the importance of breakfast, the first meal of the day ignites the metabolism, enhances memory and concentration, and provides the energy required for a long work day. After waking up, the body's blood sugar levels need to be replenished in order for your brain and muscles to properly function.

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Sip Green Tea

Contrary to popular belief, it's not the caffeine in green tea that keeps people alert and focused — it's the amino acid L-theanine. Images from human electroencephalograph (EEG) studies support that L-theanine has direct impacts on the brain by calming the mind without making it sleepy.

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That extra protein bar, bag of trail mix, or hardboiled egg might be all you need to beat the midday energy crash. A few hours after breakfast,  blood sugar levels begin to decline. Snacks rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber provide the body with a steady stream of glucose and keep the metabolism working at full speed. 

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Soak up Sun

Step outside the office and take in some sun. The body requires vitamin D to raise and maintain energy levels. Vitamin D is a common deficiency that is a well-known cause of fatigue and muscle weakness.

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Turn Up the Tunes

Though it might ruin your ear drums, loud music is an effective way to relieve stress and increase alertness. A study performed on athletes found that louder music with a faster tempo resulted in superior athletic ability than in the control group who didn't listen to any music. But remember to be courteous, and use headphones so not to disrupt your co-workers. 


The act of yawning has been tagged as a sign of boredom or indifference, but a solid yawn can energize you by forcing blood to the brain. When we yawn, our facial muscles contract and then relax, which pushes oxygen-rich blood into the brain's prefrontal cortex; the part of the brain responsible for decision making, organization, and other essential processes.

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