10 Healthy Ways To Amp Up Your Cup Of Joe

If you are a Starbucks addict or if you have to replace your coffee maker at home more frequently than recommended, you probably don't have any shame about how much you love your cup of joe. Despite the fact that drinking a cup of black coffee a day has its nutritional benefits, you can switch up your coffee by making it even healthier.

Banana Coffee Milkshake

If you drink coffee every day, milk and sugar can get pretty boring. A different take on your usual caffeine fix blends coffee with bananas, vanilla, milk, and cinnamon to create your own healthy Frappuccino.

Click here for the Banana Coffee Milkshake recipe.

Bulletproof Coffee

If you're not familiar with The Bulletproof Diet, this type of coffee may sound a bit whacky. The ingredients consist of upgraded coffee, grass-fed butter, and brain octane oil. If you try Bulletproof Coffee, you may become one of many, including celebrities, who advocate for this high-fat and energy-boosting diet.

Coffee Coconut Bliss Smoothie

Embrace the island flavors when you start your day with this energy-boosting, sweet smoothie. The coconut yogurt functions as a delicious and healthy dairy-free creamer. You can even freeze your yogurt the night before so the smoothie turns into a coffee coconut ice cream.

Click here for the Coffee Coconut Bliss Smoothie recipe.

Cocoa Coffee

If you're in the mood for hot chocolate, this warm drink will solve your sweet craving while also keeping you from straying from your healthy diet. Add almond milk and a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder for a morning drink or an afternoon pick-me-up.

DIY Coffee Creamer

Ditch the store-bought coffee creamer and make your own from scratch. Using dates and almond milk, this creamer is naturally sweetened and dairy-free.

Click here for the Healthy and Sweet Coffee Creamer recipe.

Hydrating Coffee

Although coffee is known for dehydrating due to the high caffeine content, why not pair it with something ultra-hydrating? And no, we're not talking about an Americano. Instead, combine a shot of espresso with coconut water. This is a great way to hydrate because coconut water is jam-packed with electrolytes.

Peppermint Coffee

Whether you love peppermint or maybe you're just in the mood for candy cane season, a couple drops of peppermint in your coffee is sure to bring holiday cheer to your drink.

Post-Workout Burst

If you finish a heavy workout early in the day, why not replenish with protein and something that will add a little pep in your step? Add your favorite protein powder — we love vanilla — to your coffee for a healthy and creamy sweetener.

Spice It Up

If you are riding the black-coffee train, adding a spice or two could enhance the flavor and keep things interesting. You can try everything from a dash of cinnamon to a dash of ginger, cardamom, or even salt. Give it a try and you may be surprised.

Vanilla Latte

If you don't want to spend money at your favorite coffee shop, try making your own latte at home. It'll be even better if you have a frother or a steamer, but if not, warm up almond milk, add coffee or a shot of espresso, and finally, a dash of vanilla extract.