10 Foods Diabetics Should Eat

People with Type 2 diabetes — the most common form of the disease, characterized by resistance to insulin (essential for a healthy metabolism) and high blood sugar levels — rely on such medications as Glucophage (metformin) or Acarbose to control the condition. Recently, The American Diabetes Association recommended that under some circumstances diabetics should even undergo a type of metabolic surgery to help curb diabetes through weight loss. Being dependent on a drug for the rest of your life or having to suffer through costly invasive surgery are bleak prospects; fortunately, there are other less costly, more proactive options that can help diabetics to rein in their blood sugar and perhaps (with their doctor's approval, of course) avoid the other options.  

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There is some debate among doctors and nutritionists as to the long-term effectiveness of diet on diabetes, but a growing body of evidence suggests that a regimen of high-fiber, low-carbohydrate foods, providing the body with a stable and steady stream of energy, can help blunt dramatic spikes in blood sugar and can also eventually lead to less of a reliance on medication. A 2012 literature review by the American Diabetes Association analyzed the results of 11 clinical trials that tested the impact of dietary management of diabetes, and concluded that a low-carbohydrate diet did indeed have positive impacts on blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, and fasting insulin levels, and could even decrease the need for glucose-lowering medications.  

In addition to simply reducing carbohydrate consumption, there are a number of foods that experts in the subject have recommended as potentially beneficial to those with Type 2 diabetes. Click here to learn about 10 of them.