Healthy Drinks for Kids

A lot of the drinks that are advertised for children are not very healthful
Cute kid sipping from a mug

Tasty, healthy drink options for children.

A friend and I were just reminiscing about our favorite childhood drinks: Capri Sun, Juicy Juice, Sunny D, Kool-Aid... at the time, I was really, profoundly upset with my mom, who I deemed a health nut, because she only let me have those drinks on special occasions, whereas some of my friends got to enjoy them every day. But in retrospect, there are some very good reasons my mom only allowed me packets full of sugar water and high fructose corn syrup as an occasional treat: these drinks are devoid of pretty much all nutritional value, can develop a lifelong habit of slurping down sugary drinks, increasing the risk of diabetes.

So if most of the packaged stuff is off the table, what are some good, healthy drinks for kids?

We recommend throwing some fresh, whole fruits in water to create flavorful, sweet, good-for-you drinks. For instance, one sliced strawberry can perfume a whole pitcher full of water, making this drink both healthful and cost-effective.

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Jess Novak is the Drink Editor of The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesstothenovak


With additional reporting by Galen Duffy.