8 Drinks That Help Fight Diabetes

The number of Americans with Type 2 diabetes is expected to increase by 50 percent in the next 25 years

Eating and drinking well is something everyone should enjoy, and having diabetes should never prevent you from doing that.

A recent study in the journal Diabetes Care states that researchers found that people who drank 16 ounces or less of water a day (two cups worth) were 30 percent more likely to have high blood sugar than those who drank more than that daily. The connection may be a hormone called vasopressin, which helps the body regulate hydration. Vasopressin levels increase when a person is dehydrated, which signals the liver to produce more blood sugar.

8 Drinks That Help Fight Diabetes (Slideshow)

So one great addition to a healthier lifestyle for people who are living with diabetes is to include more water in your diet. The problem here? Plain water every day can taste kind of boring, and people with diabetes may already feel that their diets are restricted. So what are some good ways to up your water intake while not completely boring your palate?

One simple solution is to incorporate spa water into your diet. With a name like that, it sounds indulgent, and fortunately, it can taste that way, too, while still being very good for you. Spa water is a delicious combination of fresh fruits, and sometimes herbs, that you can infuse into cold water. It's great to keep a pitcher in your fridge running, and you can mix up a variety of different combinations with whatever ingredients you like so that you don't get tired of the same tastes every day.

We recommend a combination of diabetes-fighting lemon and lime wheels with some anti-oxidant-packed fresh berries. You can slice up just one or two strawberries and they'll infuse a whole pitcher of water with their bright, berry sweetness. Peppermint, which is thought to potentially help both nerve and digestive disorders associated with diabetes, can be added to spa water as well, for a fresh, invigorating, and healthful taste. 

Eating and drinking well is something everyone should enjoy, and having diabetes should never prevent you from doing that. But learning how to make healthy (and tasty) drink choices when you have diabetes may take some getting used to. Take a look at our suggestions to find out more about healthful drink options you should feel great about enjoying.

Chamomile Tea

No calories, big flavor, and a boatload of antioxidants have made chamomile tea trendy for health reasons, especially for diabetics. Research performed at the University of Toyama in Japan and Aberystwyth University in Wales suggests that regularly drinking chamomile tea may help lower blood sugar in addition to preventing complications including nerve and circulatory damage, kidney disease, and blindness that can occur due to the condition.

Almond Milk

This drink can help lower blood sugar. Buy the unsweetened version so you aren't accidentally drinking added sugars. Throw in half a banana and a spoon of peanut butter to make a smoothie that will help stabilize fluctuating sugar.

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Adding black pepper to turmeric is supposed to significantly increase the beneficial effects of turmeric.

There are some claims that the saturated fats in dairy (milk and butter) contain compounds that reduce the unwanted impacts on the cardio system. The key is to use them in moderation.


Since what works for some may not work for all, it's important that folks consider their own situation and make their own judgments (after researching) before implementing above noted suggestions. Forgot to mention this in prior comment.

Have seen some articles which suggest that adding milk to tea, coffee and blueberries may significantly decrease the beneficial impacts of the drink or food, due to casein protein binding. Don't remember if this applies to cream. Something else to look into.


Grape juice will provide all the antioxidant benefits without the intoxicating affect. Why poison your body?


You tell me, as a type 2 diabetic, to stay way away from saturated fats yet you tell me that coconut water is a treatment for type two diabetes. Which is the truth - massive saturated fats, or no saturated fats?????


I've read where some saturated fats contain compounds that protect against cardio disease. I think that milk and butter may fall into this category, maybe coconut does. a google search may provide more useful info, of may further confuse the issue.


My 1st reply did not post. Will try one more time......Not all saturated fats are bad. Avocado and Coconut is VERY good for you. The gov was wrong when they banned coconut oil and palm oil in bought baked goods - that is the main reason so many people are obese now - they started using High fructose corn syrup, which is VERY bad for you.

I do have to limit coconut water to about 4 oz as it's natural sugar raises my blood suger, but I do not take type 2 medication. I control my BS with my diet. But if it goes up a little and I get nervous, I take 2 Tbs. coconut oil and do light exercise (jump in place) for 10 minutes and it quickly brings down my BS. (Google it)


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