Healthy Alternatives to the Addictive Potato Chip

Greasy, processed potato chips are so bad yet so good, so here are a couple snacks to curb the craving

Apple Chips

If you’re looking for a healthier snacking alternative to the potato chip we have you covered. They’ll be no need to grab that crinkly bag of greasy chips with these easy and healthy options. Perfect for snacking, noshing, parties, and even for the big game! With a little taste, even the most die-hard potato chips fans will be converted.

— bellalimento, Babble


Smoky Paprika Parsnip Chips

These parsnip chips are totally delicious and way better than anything out of a crinkly bag. These smoky, crispy treats will satisfy even the most die-hard, football-watching, potato-chip-eating fan. Double dare them!

Make parsnip chips.


Kale Chips

Kale chips smell like popcorn and taste like nutty chips, shattering in your mouth. Don't worry, they have none of the tough chew you might associate with kale. Once you go green you won't go back!

Make kale chips.


Sweet Potato Chips

Easy, cheap, and healthy. Who knew?! Try these baked sweet potato chips for a change.

Make sweet potato chips.


Apple Chips

There’s no need for oil or deep-frying with these apple chips. A bit of sugar and cinnamon and the heat of the oven dries them. They're the perfect portable snack.

Make apple chips.



Plantain Chips

You can't ask for anything more in a chip. Sweet, salty, crispy, and crunchy — these plantain chips have it all.

Get the recipe from The Kitchn.



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