Have A Father-Daughter Picnic

Dads and their little girls — the unbreakable bond. Moms, we know that Dad helps the kids set up breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, so now it's your turn. This Father's Day, help your daughter show Dad how truly special he is with a picnic catered to his favorite foods.

Set up a blanket in the backyard and create a "blanket-scape" color scheme based on his favorite hues — or manly colors like blue, green, and black. Your daughter can take the reins on the decorations since we're sure Dad would really love the handmade sentiment. Then, have her assist you in the kitchen for the prep work. 

On the menu — burgers, steaks, sandwiches — whatever floats Dad's boat. Be sure to create a signature drink, non-alcoholic so they can share, and let them enjoy the day! 

For a sweet finale, surprise him with a cake or a special ice cream sundae with all his go-to fixings. His heart will melt for sure. Head to MaddyCakes Muse for picnic tips.