Have an Eco-Friendly Memorial Day with Tips from Green Bride Guide

Kate L. Harrison talks classic traditions with a green twist

That is one green grilling machine.

Kate L. Harrison talks classic traditions with a green twist
Memorial Day is sneaking up on us, and we’ve been gathering up tips left and right for the big summer celebration. With the grill ready to go and guests geared up to party, why not try something different and sustainable? 

This year, make your outdoor gala "green" with five ideas from the Green Bride Guide, the nation’s top green wedding resource and leading advocate for eco-conscious living. 

Kate L. Harrison, an environmental lawyer and the brains behind Green Bride Guide shared her tips for making your Memorial Day a green one: 

1) All-Natural Charcoal
Fire up the grill and get cooking with Lazzari 100 percent natural mesquite charcoal. Made from ecologically harvested wood, this is a carbon-neutral, flavor-enhancing alternative.

2) Refreshing Green Drinks
Drink refreshing green mojitos made from organic rum, club soda, pure cane sugar, organic limes, and crushed organic mint grown from your garden. Drink from recycled glass containers or reuse mason jars for hefty shatter-proof drinking glasses. Put a biodegradable straw in there to sip from and you're good to go.

3) Sustainable Serving Ware
Choose from a wide variety of Susty Party Plates — pile them high with all the fixings, knowing that these plates are made from recycled plastic and can be reused. Ditch the old paper plates and plastic and embrace the new!

4) Green Grilling
This Eco BBQ Set is everything you need for green grilling, neatly packaged in a 100 percent recycled cardboard cylinder with recycled paper stuffing; it includes a fork, spatula, tongs, and 20 wooden skewers. All materials are constructed of FDA-compliant materials such as stainless steel and bamboo.

5) Bug Off!
When the sun sets, nothing ruins an outdoor party faster than mosquitoes. Try all-natural citronella torches by Big Dipper Wax Works. Made from bug repellant beeswax and soy candles with essential oils, you can pop another one into the reusable bamboo base and party late into the night! (The candles burn for eight hours).