Have A Drama-Free Holiday

While some of us look forward to bringing the family together around the table, the rest of us hail from families that could be the inspiration for the next great Hollywood film — the drama, arguments, and general poor manners. So what do you do when you can't stand sitting next to Uncle Joe (and listening to his over-exaggerated comments)? Snap and lash out at him in a scream? Or let him speak and then quickly change the subject?

As the holidays near, it is inevitable that you will find yourself around a table filled with a variety of relatives, and even more family baggage, trying to make it through the night without the urge to hurl your glass or plate across the table. Instead of accepting that the arguments that always happen when you and your sisters head home for a celebration under the same roof will happen again this year, be a step ahead of the game. Read up on what to do to ensure there are no ruffled tail feathers with our 10 tips that are sure to build a few family memories that won't involve all the drama of a blockbuster film. For starters, resist the urge to pick a fight and mind your own business — don't go digging into why your brother doesn't eat red meat (when he used to). Same goes for humming the "I'm all alone, nobody loves me" tune from Shrek when you're ever-complaining cousin starts up about how hard their life is over dinner. Sometimes, all they want is for someone to listen and pity them just for a minute.

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