Halo Top’s Secret Menu Stardust Sundae Is a Lisa Frank Dream

The first 50 people in line for Halo Top’s new Scoop Shop on April 24 will get them for free

Halo Top's Stardust Sundae is dreamy. 

Halo Top is opening its second-ever Scoop Shop in Los Angeles this month, and it’s celebrating with free ice cream and one of the most Instagram-friendly ice cream cones the world has ever seen.

As part of the festivities, Halo Top says it will be introducing a new line of secret sundaes that won’t be on the shops’ regular menus, but are designed to be visually stunning. The first in the secret menu series is the Stardust Sundae, which looks like something out of science fiction and includes a spiral of Halo Top’s vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with holographic, sugar-free vanilla sauce, star-shaped sprinkles, and a rock candy crystal wand, all served inside a black waffle cone covered with purple, blue, turquoise, and pink swirls. It is definitely ready for social media.

Halo Top Stardust Sundae

Halo Top

Halo Top's Stardust Sundae.

When the new Halo Top Scoop Shop opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 24, at the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles, the first 50 people in line will be able to try the Stardust Sundae for free. And after that, the store will still be giving away free ice cream all day.

"We’re thrilled to announce our second Scoop Shop opening at Westfield Century City, our first Scoop Shop in the heart of LA,” said Halo Top president and COO Doug Bouton. “We can’t wait for more of our fans to experience Halo Top in soft serve form and, most importantly, what’s better than free ice cream all day?"

The opening event will also include a 3D art installation and an interactive photo booth, which sounds like it will be just right for taking Instagram photos with one’s Stardust Sundae. For more cool treats, here are the 25 best ice cream parlors in the world.