Halloween Weeknight Menu Ideas For Kids

Getting dinner on the table every night after a long day at work when you have a house full of kids can be tricky. So to make it a little easier, involve the children — not only will it cut down cooking time, but they'll enjoy being a part of the action. 

With Halloween around the corner, use the festive holiday as a source of inspiration with these themed ideas that your kids will get a kick out of creating and eating!

Check out these weeknight-friendly, delightfully easy-to-make recipes:

Creepy Mini Pizzas: Set out everyone's favorite toppings and let their imaginations run wild. Make spiders, scary clown faces, or something extra eccentric. 

Vegetable Skeletons: Challenge your kids to recreate this super healthy and colorful green skeleton. Make different dips so that when their masterpiece is complete, they can enjoy!

Mummy Pigs in a Blanket: Need we say more? Buy pre-made croissant dough and hot dogs and have your kids run wild with creating their own mummy creations. 

Jack-o'-Lantern Quesadillas: Because those scary faces never looked so appetizing. 

"Devilicious" Eggs: Make dairy scary with this deviled egg recipe idea. Give kids vegetable sticks, herbs and, olives to make creepy faces.