Halloween-Themed Tableware

Set the festive scene with these trendsetting tablescapes

Set a Halloween table with help from the pros!

It's day three of our "31 Days of Halloween" bonanza and we’re already super excited about what has unfolded thus far. 

Set the table with these spooky scene stealers

Now that we’re very much aware of candy corn and all of its uses, and have learned what to do with a Snickers bar, let’s backtrack a bit. Before the treats and before the sweets, we have to eat, right? Set your party table with holiday pieces from the pros — Pier 1, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn, for example — to really create an eerie atmosphere. 

From plates to shakers and knives to crackers, we are prepared for a Halloween fete like no other, and we’re sharing our ideas with you.

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Just remember not to get too out of hand — people need to get to the trick-or-treating after all!