Halloween Punches For Your Big Party

You're gearing up for your next Halloween bash with all the fixings — spooky decorations, inspired tableware, candy (of course) — but there's one key ingredient not to be missed. Instead of serving up your normal selection of wine and beer (unless that comes in a DIY pumpkin keg, of course), mix up a Halloween punch instead. 

The best thing about punches for a party: the recipes are easily adjustable so you can mix them up proportional to your party size. But before you start mixing, take one easy step to make your punch last all night — ice. Rather than picking up a bag of ice at the store (which will quickly melt and ruin your drink), freeze a Jell-O mold the night before. That way, your giant ice block will melt slower, and keep your punch intact. 

Try these three punch recipes for your next party, and be prepared to be amazed. 

The Tiger Lily Punch: A gin-based favorite that's surprisingly refreshing.

The Hudson Bourbon Punch: A sweet mix of bourbon, half & half, and simple syrup that's as sweet as your Halloween candy. 

The Monkey Punch: A whiskey punch is definitely not monkeying around.