A Guy's Guide to Grocery Shopping

Gentlemen, are you looking to host a party or cook dinner for friends? Start here
Can't decide? Read up on what to shop for!

Can't decide? Read up on what to shop for!

Gentlemen, let’s face it—you’re not the first cooks in the kitchen. Well, that’s not entirely true. Some of you are cook savvy and make an initiative, while the others don’t know how to boil water. Well, fear not. Yes, life moves pretty fast according to Ferris Bueller and though you probably have little a stretch of time to go grocery shopping in your busy schedule—some of you are making the effort.

Surprise, surprise—a recent ESPN study found that 31% of men are doing the shopping for their families, up from 14% in the 1980’s. While this may be a relief to their counterpart, men shop differently than woman which can end up costing their family money. Westside Market NYC is offering the following a supermarket survival guide to men to assist them in becoming better shoppers, since women clearly are professionals in that sport.

To aid you in the process of shopping efficiently for your wife, roommate, or family or for a party you're hosting, here’s what you need to know, according to Westside Market:

• Men have a tendency to go to the store without a list causing them to pick up unneeded items. Arm yourself with a list of what is needed including specifics to make sure that you stay on target (this will also allow you to spend less time in the store). 

• Just because it is a name you know, doesn’t mean it is worth paying extra for the brand. Price compare across all brands, including the store brand, as these lesser known names usually produce a product that is just as good as their brand name predecessor. 

• Learn the store layout. Just need milk, eggs and bread? By knowing the store layout, you can easily access these items (and others when needed) and get out quickly. 

• Fruits & Veggies: To buy organic or not? Organic can be pricier but it is recommended for produce that has edible skin (apples, blueberries, peaches) as this will be eaten. 

• Snacks: Steer clear of the traditional potato chip and go a bit more exotic with chips made from blue corn, quinoa or chickpeas. If you need to go with the potato variety, Westside Market NYC recommends making sure the chip is baked instead of fried. 

• Cooking Oil: Not only doing the shopping but the cooking also? First pat yourself on the back from Westside Market NYC then choose either olive or canola oil.