Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving: Week 3

All the advice you need for hosting a low-stress, disaster-free Thanksgiving celebration
Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving: Week 3

You’re almost there! By now, the menu is set, the flowers are ordered, and you’ve figured out how you’re going to set the table. Now is the time to focus on the rest of the house, as well as any activities and elements of the celebration you want to include, be it something the kids can make, games, a toast (or two), or something outside like a walk in the woods.

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1. Laundry Prep

Hosting overnight guests? Wash the guest towels and sheets now and ready their rooms. Be sure you have plenty of clean, washed kitchen towels to reserve for the Big Cook. Check the oven mitts, as well — you wouldn’t want to discover a hole in the mitt while holding the roast bird on Thanksgiving Day.


2. Stock Up on Essentials

Many hosts forget to check the bathroom before having guests over. Make it a part of your turkey-day checklist and stock up on essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, dishwasher fluid, Advil, tissues, etc.  


3. Fill the Pantry and Freezer

Items like frozen cranberries, wild rice, breadcrumbs, marshmallows, and nuts can all be purchased now — then cross ‘em off the list!


4. Pull Out the Decorations

Set up your nonperishable table décor items, such as pumpkins, candles, fabric turkeys, and pilgrims, so you know what you’re working with next week when you set the table.


5. Begin Cooking

If you’re making homemade stock, make it ahead to freeze now. If you’re trying a new recipe, it’s best to do a run-through now so you know what to do come Thanksgiving Day.


6. Make Your Playlist

A celebration isn’t a celebration without good music. As you’ll be doing plenty of cooking, you’ll want something upbeat to rock out to when laboring over the stove or stuffing the turkey — it keeps things fun.


7. Plan Thanksgiving Day Activities

Depending on whom you’re entertaining, having some games or other activities to keep guests occupied will ensure that both you and those around you have a good time. Think about who will be making the toast, and if it is you, what you will say. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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