Grilling Up a Mother’s Day Feast

Who says the grill is just for Father’s Day?


Fire up the grill and make mom a tasty dinner too!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and while cooking for Mom seems like a good idea on paper, it usually ends with her spending a good part of her special day in the kitchen, cleaning up the huge mess that Dad and the kids created.

And although a trip to a local hot spot for brunch or dinner is always an option, it’s more likely than not that you’ll end up waiting forever for a table large enough for your family and that at least one of the kids will turn what would be a pleasant meal in to a nightmare with a full on meltdown.

But there is hope. This year why not fire up the grill for a true family feast? After all, no other style of cooking brings friends and family together more than a good ol’ backyard cookout. Mom, grandma, and all of the aunts can relax over a nice batch of grilled cocktails while the kids wear themselves out running around the yard and the dads work their magic at the grill.  

To get your Mother’s Day cookout started out on the right foot, I’ve compiled a few grilling recipes that are sure to wow all of the special moms in your life. As always, you can also visit for more barbecue and grilling recipes from me and the rest of our VIP team.

From Mother’s Day menus and party ideas to the best cocktail recipes, we’ve got you covered. Find all this and more on The Daily Meal’s Mother’s Day Recipes & Menus Page.

Candied Bacon

Bacon for breakfast is good but candied bacon is even better, especially when you add the smoky flavor of the grill to the mix.

Grilled Coconut Rum French Toast

Leave it to Robyn Medlin-Lindars of to take Mother’s Day brunch to a whole ‘nother level by taking classic French toast and firing it up on the grill!

Grilled Coffee-Coriander Strip Steaks


Every Mother’s Day I ask my wife what she’d like for dinner and every year the answer is the same — a perfectly grilled steak. Here’s one of my personal favorite recipes, one that incorporates ground coffee to really up the flavor profile of the steak. To really take it over the top, place the grilled steaks on a tablespoon of butter as soon as they come off the grill. You won’t be disappointed!

Grilled Blue Whale Cocktails


When it comes time to serve up cocktails at your backyard bash, consider giving them an added depth of flavor by using grilled fruits such as those found in this Grilled Blue Whale recipe from Chris Grove of

Cayenne Grilled Peaches


When it comes to “manning” the grill, few do it better than Melissa Cookston, owner of the South’s hottest restaurant group, Memphis Barbecue Co. and author of the newly released BBQ and grilling cookbook Smokin’ in the Boys Room. For Melissa, Mother’s Day starts with a perfectly grilled rib-eye and smoked Vidalia onions (the recipe for which can be found in her book) and ends with one of her favorite desserts, grilled cayenne peaches.


This article was originally published on May 9, 2014.